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The Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development is led by David Montefiori, PhD. One of this lab's highest priorities is to identify immunogens that generate broadly cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 for inclusion in vaccines.

Many aspects of neutralizing antibodies are studied in this laboratory, including mechanisms of neutralization and escape, epitope diversity among the many different genetic subtypes and geographic distributions of the virus, broadly neutralizing epitopes, developmental pathways leading to broadly neutralizing antibody production, and computationally-assisted vaccine design. Over the years, the laboratory has explored multiple technologies for measuring neutralizing antibodies and other potential antiviral antibodies, focusing on assay optimization, standardization, validation and high throughput.

For the past two decades, the laboratory has served as a national and international resource for standardized assessments of neutralizing antibody responses in preclinical and clinical trials of candidate AIDS vaccines.

Project Highlights

The laboratory is funded by the National Institutes of Health as part of several initiatives:

The laboratory also receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of the Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD).


Section for AIDS Research and Development faculty within the Division of Surgical Sciences are:

Selected Contributions

  1. Defined the autologous and heterologous neutralizing antibody response to HIV-1 infection. These findings demonstrated that HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibody responses are possible and provided a rationale for the discovery of a new generation of broadly neutralizing antibodies and their epitopes.
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  2. Developed highly standardized and formally validated assays to assess HIV-1 vaccine-elicited neutralizing antibody responses. These assays were used to define the magnitude and breadth of vaccine-elicited neutralizing antibody responses in preclinical and human clinical trials. The results highlight the limitations of current vaccine immunogens and emphasize the extraordinary challenge in designing an effective HIV-1 vaccine.
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  3. Developed robust panels of HIV-1 Env-pseudotyped viruses that have facilitated standardized assessments of vaccine-elicited neutralizing antibody responses.
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